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трейлер 2016 русский - VIKING - Trailer #2 (2016) (English subtitles)Release: December 29, 2016
Music: Dean Valentine — Dark Earth [Edit]

Early Middle Ages. A time of heavy swords and dark, bloody laws. The ruling clan is in discord. A blame has been laid upon the Grand Prince for accidental death of his brother. By law, the one who should avenge him is his younger bastard brother. For refusing to kill, he’ll pay with everything he ever had, because for «The peace require more swords, than war.»

«Viking» — a big-budget project from the creators of «Day Watch», «Night Watch» and «Admiral». The work on the film lasted for more than 7 years. A whole unique world has been created for the film, was built more than six decorative complexes, created eight hundred visual effects shots, stitched more than a thousand original costumes based on Byzantine, Rus’ and Vikings history.

The movie will be initially released in Russia in December 2016 with an international release in 2017.